8 Hairstyle Disasters You Should Avoid

Image: © Anatol Misnikou / Fotolia

Your hairstyle is an important per of your personality. People judge you from the color, type, design and maintenance of your hair among other considerations. In the world where looks matter and either open or close doors for a person, it is crucial that you avoid the following hairstyle disasters.


  1. Dry hair

It speaks volume about your level of carelessness and disorganization no to take care of your hair. Dry hair is the worst demonstration of you lack of concern for your looks. It is even worse to know that oiling your hair costs very little. Moreover, natural alternatives are cheaper and readily available.

  1. Greasy / oily hair

In contrast, another hairstyle disaster to avoid is greasy or oily hair. It is good to give you hair a dose of nourishing oil. However, if you fail to dry the oil effectively, it will embarrass you. Imagine oil dripping from your hair down your ears or face.

  1. Dirty hair

Unless you live in a garbage dump or you are a vagabond, there is no reason for having dirty hair. This is not about lice infestation, although that is a possibility. People who don’t wash their hair are obnoxious. Wondering eyes will notice pieces of dirt on your hair without any effort.

  1. Improperly fixed wigs

Wigs are good because they protect our natural hair and cover it when we are not confident enough to expose it. However, wigs can be the cause of terrible hairstyle disasters. For example, if you don’t fix your wig properly, it might turn to face another direction. People might think you are a clown!

  1. Dirty smelly wigs

You wake up and wear the only wig you find nearby. However, no amount of brushing and spraying with perfume will keep off the smell for long. Beware of the ‘expiry’ date of your wig. Use your common sense and discard the wig when it is no longer healthy and presentable.

  1. Hair extensions

If you are not careful, hair extensions can be another hairstyle disaster you will regret for years to come. It is simple. If you don’t return often to your stylist for the extension to be checked, you will soon be embarrassed. How about people seeing your scalp from meters away?

  1. Short hairstyle that does not match your face

Your face has specific haircuts that fit on it. Similarly, there are those that are a disaster and should be avoided. For instance if you have a pointy chin and high cheekbones, a short bob that ends where your ears begin is not appropriate. Well, unless you want people to think you are wearing a helmet!

  1. Weird colored hair

Unless you want to surprise people with your hairstyle, choose hair color to match you face and clothes. That red, pink, green, blue, purple or yellow hair should be chosen wisely. Think about the occasion and the people you will meet. Looking like a kindergarten color-book does not augur well for a lady.

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