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People are often limited to thinking that manicure is all about clipping the nails, filing them and applying a fancy paint. There is more to that for those who are keen to pay attention. Manicure is a sophisticated process that requires patience and some level of experience. Anything short of that may leave you with dire consequences and maybe injuries to reel in for a long time. Below are 7 helpful tips when you are going to do a manicure.


1) No cutting of cuticle

It was there for a purpose, leave it there. Cutting of cuticles never really solves any problem because they become flaky when they grow back (which would be in a couple of days) and look worse than they were. Worse, cutting of cuticle is same as making open sores on the skin which may become easily infected. Insist your cuticle stays, rather, in extreme cases, push them back with a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick.


2) No metal files, please

Metal files or other coarse abrasives can cause splintering of the fingernails. These may first appear as tiny harmless splits but may widen to cause splintering of the nails. A gentle abrasive emery board or crystal nail file is more advisable. More importantly, limit the amount of pressure you exert during the filing.


3) Insist on a first base coat

The fingernails produce oils which are nightmares for nail polishes because they prevent them from sticking. Some salons may want to cut cost and in the process would attempt to use a top coat as the base coat, but the top coat is lighter and will not do the work of the base coat properly. Base coat is thicker and can seal off these oils from coming to ruin your hard work leading to unwarranted expenses.


4) Clean your tools

If you are doing your manicure at home, make sure you keep your tools clean always. Shared unsterilized manicure tools are a big health gamble and should be avoided. After washing your tools, make sure you allow them to dry properly. As you know, water is an enemy of metal. Even the smallest amount of it would cause your tools to rust.


5) Roll not shake

When you shake nail paint bottles, air bubbles get trapped in the fluid. This becomes a big problem when you want to paint. The air causes distortion of your painting. To salvage the situation, the quickest option becomes to add more and more layers of paint. The thicker the paint, the more time it would take to dry and it may attract smudges on the paint.


6) Don’t UV dry your nails

Ultra Violet lights are strong antimicrobials. The same way they knock out microorganisms in the same way they will cause your fingers to age. It is better to use a fan to dry since most of the UV dryers also have fans incorporated in them.



7) Keep off hot water for some time

Take 6-7 hours before submerging your hand in hot water. Hot water makes the paint to lift from the fingernails causing them to chip. If you must wash your hair or dishes or scrub, it is advised you put on gloves.

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