7 Things Everyone Knows About You – What Does Your Hairstyle Say?

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Before the delivery man said, “Hello” to you yesterday, he decided he knew stuff about you.

If your child’s teacher called you in for a conference, before you got comfy in your metal chair (if getting comfy is possible) the teacher had you sized up.

How?  Was it your shoes?  Do you have an accent?  The answer is a resounding, “Hmm – could be….”  But more than we realize, something completely different tells people who we are.

It’s our hairstyle.

Our hair never quits talking.

Once we leave the barber shop or beauty salon, we tend to give our tresses very little thought.  In fact, sometimes we simply grab a pair of scissors, which might be sharp and begin hacking on our hair.  Yet, our hairstyle can affect our very destiny.

Sounds pretty dramatic, huh?

But we can change which pair of shoes we’re wearing, and I don’t even think about having an accent most of the time.

Still, my hair is one of the first things to greet people when I meet them.  It tells the whole world some of the main points of my personality.

And there are at 7 things about you, which can be known just because you wear or don’t wear a certain hairstyle. For instance:

  • If you shave your head

If you are a female with a shaved head, maybe you went through chemo.  Maybe your hairstyle was calling for change.  One way or another, you ended up exposed.  What does it say about you?

Because you’re a woman who either shaved your head, or refused to slap a wig on after losing your hair, it says:

– You’re courageous

 But get that subject out of the way, and what people see.  They also see someone who might just be interesting enough to be worth knowing – hairstyle or no.

If you’re a man who has shaved, what folks see is:

– Strength.

In a test of a group of males, half shaved their heads; half didn’t. The baldies came across as stronger, better leaders, more dynamic, even taller!

  • If your hairstyle is short, “no mess – “It’s reasonable to expect you to view life like that – better things to do than sit around combing hair.
  • If your hairstyle is medium length, yet still no fussing – A drama queen you aren’t. You like logic, and solid goals.  Does something need doing? You’ll do it.
  • If your hair is long, thick and wavy You’re probably energetic, and have plenty of willpower – you’re even stubborn at times.
  • If your hair is cut asymmetrically – You and laughter are intimately acquainted.
  • If you like to wear a tidy ponytail – You like goals.
  • Your hair – long or short – is just “there” – pulled back in a braid, or something – you habitually put yourself at the bottom of the importance cog.

There you are – 7 things that your hairstyle tells others about you, before anyone is even introduced!  Who knew communication was only a hair away?

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