7 Makeup Tips that a Teen should NEVER forget

Image: © Angela Hawkey / Fotolia

As a teen, the chances are that you’re just starting your journey into the world of skincare and makeup. While teenage years can be some of the best, they can also be some of the hardest for your skin, and what works for it (and what works against it!). To try and make your teen makeup years easier, take a look at these tips you should never forget.


When you’re young, you often have some of the best skin you’ll ever have. So, if you can, go without any foundation. Instead of pounding globs of foundation on your face that you really don’t need, use a spot treatment concealer (sometimes the salicylic acid ones work best) and a tinted moisturizer.


Don’t ever go outside without putting on sunscreen, even if it’s only under your makeup. And no you don’t have to go with the smelly, greasy variety from your childhood. There are many types of sunscreen out there, and you can pick a matte or sheer one that works best for your skin type. You need to protect your skin!


If you can, try to avoid constant ironing and blow drying of your hair. While this isn’t necessarily a makeup tip, having constant hot air or heat blowing on your face is damaging to it, and if you already have makeup on, in some cases it can even cause it to run and make a mess!


Don’t go overboard with your lip color. When you’re young, you are bold and want to try new and exciting things, and this can lead to going a little overboard. If you can, keep your lip color subtle. Going for light pinks and neutral tones in a tinted lip balm or gloss are the most appropriate way for teens to wear lip color.


Also, if you’re interested in wearing eyeliner, also keep that subtle. No reason to go for a real serious cat eye just yet! Opt for pencil eyeliner on your lower lashes and add a coat of mascara and you should be good to go!


For those that want to branch out and show their creativity off, the best way to do this is to do some cool and artsy nail designs. Trying different fun colors, patterns and other bonuses like stickers and jewels are the right way to really show how you stand out from the pack. An added bonus to spending some time and effort on making your nails look nice is that you’re less likely to pick at them or bite them. You’ll also get nail polish in your mouth if you do, which makes for a pretty good deterrent.


Before you ever put makeup on though, as a teen, skin care is of the utmost importance. Breakouts are totally normal, and they’re going to happen, but there are things you can do to make it better. Try to keep your skin dirt and oil free – but don’t overdo it – as stripping your face of all oil can sometimes be a bad thing. Have a good and mild cleansing routine and either professionally prescribed or store bought salicylic acid acne products.

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