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Red carpet events that draw in celebrities happen frequently––from fashion week to movie premiers to Oscars and Grammys. No one would like to be caught on camera with hairs looking like crumpled old newspaper. It may be hard to work out the hairstyle that would work for you. In making your decision, you have to consider the texture of your hair. Below are seven hot prom hairstyles that never go out of style.


  • Half way up

The secret to this hairstyle is the volume on the side. However, heavy hairs will make it difficult to keep the barrel curls in place. Medium to fine hair is most recommended. This hairstyle compliments square, oval and pear shaped faces. If rightly done, the hair curls half way to the back of the head and is pinned into barrel curls, sweeping the sides away from the face.


  • Side ponytail

This hairstyle works for long hairs––the longer the better. After weaving the hair into a ponytail, it should remain long. If the hair is not long enough, it shrinks. Not too long hairs can be augmented using good hair extensions. In this hairstyle, the hair is loosely weaved into a single braid, curled and twisted before being pinned into a side ponytail.


  • Asymmetric Bob

This hairstyle fits every face types––whether oval, oblong, diamond, round, heart or square. Asymmetric bob is shorter on one side but becomes longer when it curls to the other side of the head.


  • Soft pixie

Many ladies detest short hairs because they think it makes them look masculine. With soft pixie however, it is hard to get it wrong with short hair. Soft pixie will work on any hair texture but definitely looks better on diamond and heart shaped faces.


  • Curly mid-lengths

Curly mid-lengths will work on any type of face once the hair is not too long or short––it is the average of the two extremes of hair length. To make curly mid-lengths, spray a heat protection spray on dry hair. Pick a few sections of the hair and curl them backwards. Finally, keep your style in place with a choice spray after which few strands of hairs should be picked from both sides of the head to make a knot at the back of the head.


  • Waterfall twist

This hairstyle works better for thick hairs with long layers. Face shape is not a problem because like the name goes, the flowing nature of the hairstyle waters down the impact of any faces shape.


  • Short kinky curls

Short hairs rarely get a nod––though for someone with a square face it could be understood that a short hair will make them look like a tomboy. Short Kinky curls however, work for all face shapes and hair texture. If rightly done, short kinky curls will give you the Halle Berry look. To make short kinky curls, cut hair short to 4 or 5 centimeters, blow and spray with a choice spray into a curly finish.

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