7 Hair Style Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hair Straightening

Image: © George Dolgikh / Fotolia

Nothing is better than getting your hair done and straightened out. A nicely done hair accentuates your beauty because your hair cannot be hidden easily. Hair straightening is fun because it makes your hair neat, but there are some hair straightening mistakes people often do without knowing which may come back many years later to hunt their looks. Some of them are as follows:

1) Too frequent straightening

Straightening your hair is nice because of the professional touch it gives to the face (and appearance overall) but it should not become a daily practice. Bear in mind that the hot iron used for straightening denatures the components of the hair. If you keep using hair straightening nonstop over a long period of time with no pauses, you will discover that your hair will become fluffy whenever you do not straighten it. Also, your hair will become prone to premature graying which will then cost you another fortune in purchasing hair dyes to ameliorate the process.


2) Ironing a wet or damp hair

Have you ever observed what happens when you sprinkle water on a cloth you want to iron and then place your hot iron on it? Yes, the hot iron will quickly turn the moisture to steam. We all know that steam is at least, one hundred degrees Celsius in temperature. When this happens on your hair, the steam will possibly move up and burn your scalp and the burn is no less painful than every other burn. Doing this is a sure bet to ruining your scalp and hair! When the need arises, apply smoothing lotion to help manage your hair.


3) Multiple stroking with very hot iron

Passing a very hot iron multiple times through a lock of the hair can burn it. It is better to use one long gradual stroke from top to bottom. Multiple stroking can only be forgiven when you are straightening at a low heat.


4) Two-way ironing

Some people are fond of passing the iron from top to bottom then from bottom to top again. Mind that, by the time you are going for the reverse motion, some of the hair would be mangled. It is better to maintain a one-direction stroke.


5) Setting your iron to the max

Yes, this can save you some time but the hotter the iron, the more prone you are to getting your hair burnt. It is better to set your iron on average and take the process gradually since you will achieve the same result in the long run at littler expense to your hair.


6) Ignoring the thermal protector

Some people go straight ahead to iron without bothering to apply a thermal protector. The work of a thermal protector is to resist the amount of frying done to your hair by holding back moisture.


7) Grab and iron

To get the perfect result, split your hair into small sections you can easily grab and straighten. Not doing this will lead to running the iron again and again, through one particular section multiples times, which is not good for the hair.

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