7 Face Care Tips For A Man Who Has A Field Job

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Being out there in the field is not easy for any man for many reasons and one of them is his skin and face. Since a field worker is exposed to more sun than your normal office worker, taking care of his face and skin generally becomes a necessity. Without taking the proper measures in catering for his face, any man who has a field job might find his face getting discolored because of constant exposure to sun and the harsh temperatures.

If you have the kind of job that exposes you to the sun and harsh temperatures, then the measures to help you combat the effects is what we are going to be discussing in this article, so read on below and see how it helps…

  • Cleansing and Removing dirt

There are lots of cleansers for every skin type, so buying one for your daily facial cleansing is recommended. A cleanser that contains natural substances is recommended to avoid irritation and bad reactions on the face. A cleanser is to be used on the face just once in a day.


  • Wash your face

It is recommended you wash your face at least once a day with lukewarm water to open up the pores and wash them off from within deep. If you have chosen when best to use your cleanser, then ordinary face washing is to be done the next time around. In other words, if you use your cleanser in the nights only, then wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning.


  • Wash off sunscreen and other facials

Before going to bed, it is advisable to wash off the skin care products on your face to give your facial skin a breather, but if you didn’t use any of such products; it is still alright to give your face a time of every now and then.


  • Exfoliate with facial brush

Washing the face every now and then with facial brush is another sure way of getting rid of dead skin and dirt that wouldn’t go away with normal daily wash. Exfoliating with facial brush is to be done when the face is dry, as it won’t work with wet skin.


  • Moisturize

Moisturizing your face and entire skin daily would help make your skin retain elasticity and protect it from getting itchy and flaky. When choosing, the moisturizers with some natural substances are always better suited to the skin, so they should be prioritized.


  • Sunscreen

It is advisable to always wear sunscreen when you know you might be spending a lot of time exposed to the Sun. Sunscreen protects your body from the ultraviolet lights and radiations of the sun, giving your skin a much needed protection from the skin’s number one enemy. The use of sunshade is also advised, as it helps protect the skin around the eyes. If the eyes are not protected, they alone could help tell how much your facial skin is taken care of or not taken care of.

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