If you have listened to celebrity interviews before, you must have noticed that one question keeps reoccurring which is, ‘What is your secret source of beauty?’ the celebrities on their part would often lie that they eat this or that or exercise and things of those sorts. The truth is that looking good is good business and no one would want to divulge the secret of their business on any account. The truth to look like any of those celebrities is not on those things they say but on their choice of makeup and how they go about it.


1) Evenly toned skin

When many people hear ‘toning’ their mind races to bleaching cream. There is a difference between the two. Different parts of the human body have different tones (and the contrast of some places are often too glaring to be ignored). Skin toning is like doing what you do to your dough on your skin, you mix the ingredients so that the taste is uniform. So also, skin toning will leave your skin with one blend of colour and this is vital if you are aiming at that celebrity look.


2) Shimmering manicure

A good manicure takes time to achieve and if you want to fit into the shoe of a celebrity, you have to devote time to your manicure. Remove old manicure with a remover. Avoid chopping off your cuticle because it will make your fingers flake when they begin to grow again. You a base coat and not a substitute. Make sure the base coat dries before applying topcoat. Limit the thickness of your application to ensure it dries properly.


3) Blusher

Know the right blusher for you. Fair skin tone goes well with dark coloured blusher and vice versa. Using the wrong blushes makes you look chaffed. This is one make up tip celebrities get right every time. When in doubt of the right blush for you, consult a makeup artist.


4) Complementary lashes

You may not see the importance of fixing lashes (it may even sound like a waste of time and precious resources) but to celebrities, it is not. If you have got small eyes, long lashes help to bring them out. Little wonder it is often hard to point out a particular part of a celebrity’s body that got you attracted.


5) Mascara boost

After taking the extra lashes, the mascara comes in handy. Mascara thickens and darkens the lashes so that they don’t stay on the background but can be spotted from afar (attention is what you seek in the first place right?). Choosing the right mascara and applying them properly matters.


6) Hairstyle

Don’t be into the habit of spying on people’s hairstyle and trying it on yourself. Not every hairstyle works on every face type. There are millions of hairstyle to choose from but stick to the ones that will give you a facelift.


7) Dressing

This shouldn’t be difficult right? Unfortunately it is. The right dressing (to complement your shape) may mean discarding your wardrobe.

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