7 Awesome Yet Professional Hairstyle for Working Women

Image: © Dash / Fotolia

When it comes to getting ready for work in the morning, you want to look polished and professional. But seriously, who wants to spend a lot of time getting ready first thing in the morning, before a cup of coffee? Here are some simple yet professional ways to style your hair for the hectic workday.

Do you have naturally wavy hair? Then styling your hair into a do’ using it’s natural texture is the way to go. Even if you have straighter hair, with just a tiny bit of effort, you can pull off this look that says you’re a working professional, but don’t take yourself too seriously. You can get this look by taking sections of your hair and folding them in to a curling iron, and pinning them to your head until they’re cool. Then release and shake out your hair.

If you’re looking for a style, that is half professional and half fun, then a half updo should do the trick. If you have naturally curly hair, then this is a good way to sleek back your hair, to give you a more polished look. In order to pull this style off, spray some curl enhancer into your looks, pat dry, and then take the top half of your hair and pin it back with your favorite clip or pin, and let the rest hang naturally.

For those that have short hair, finding new and professional work hairstyles can be a challenge. If your hair is on the shorter side – especially if it’s a bob haircut – then having an interesting part is a simple way to dress up your hair routine. Having a zigzag part is really easy, and once you’ve parted it, adding a little volume or bounce to it with a blow dryer can really spice it up.

Do you have straight hair that really doesn’t hold any curl? This can make it difficult to style, especially if it doesn’t have any volume, but there are things you can do! In order to pull together a gentle tousled look. In order to do this style, you’ll need to add volume-enhancing mousse to hair that is somewhat dry. Then put up your hair in a bun, allow it to dry and then let it down, adding hairspray.

Having a look that is sleek and chic is great for those with high pressure, high stress jobs, as it projects an air of confidence that will serve you well. No matter what length your hair is, this style can work for you. Even if your hair is curly, by flat ironing it, you can pull of this look as well. Simply straighten your hair, use hair spray or gel to tamp down any flyaways and shape your hair into a sleek an sexy look.

Tired of wearing your hair down? Then pulling your hair up into a professional and sassy ponytail is a good idea. There are many options to pull this off. You can pull your hair at the nape of your next into a low ponytail, or wear it high and wrap a strand of hair around the band and secure it for a professional yet glamorous look.

The final professional and awesome hairstyle we recommend is a chignon. It’s simple, chic and can be done in a messy yet tasteful way, so you don’t waste any time. Tease your hair, roll it back inwards, to make sure the ends are tucked in, and then secure it with bobby pins! Don’t forget to add the hairspray.

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