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The past 20 years and beyond has seen the rise and fall of spectacular (some not so spectacular by the way) hairstyles, makeups and costumes across all the genre (comedy, horror, romance etc.). There are some hairstyles that really took the world by storm and garnered a lot of followers. We picked 6 of them and will like to share how these peculiar hairstyles transformed our world.


1) Skin cut

If Hollywood is good with something, it is using fashion to give people an identity. There was a time in Hollywood when skin cut was the passport of ‘bad guys’ (the antagonist) in movies. This creative because skin cut has a way of making people look mean (which, of course, is how a bad guy should look), and the hairless head helped them look the talk. This was the choice hair of Mr. Coke in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando and it worked perfectly.


2) Mohawk

The Mohawk must have evolved from the skin cut because they share a similar pattern. The Mohawk is shaved on both sides of the head leaving a middle piece which grows high. The middle strip is gelled. Some people may decide to spray it with different colours of paint. In Hollywood, this hairstyle became synonymous with gang members and street rats (who attack and disposes of pedestrians). A good example can be found in the blockbuster of a detective turned robot, Robocop. In recent times, the hairstyles have been worn publicly by celebrities, musicians and footballers alike.


3) Jheri Curls

This is one of the history’s coolest hairstyles. It rocked cinemas in the 80s and 90s mostly among African-Americans. This hairstyle enjoyed the favour of numerous artists (including the late pop icon, Michael Jackson). In Hollywood, the hairstyle was associated with a certain type of class. The legendary movie star Samuel L Jackson was not left out because in his 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction”, he was spotted in a Jheri curl. The awesome thing about Jheri curl is that it does not stigmatise gender.


4) Afro

I reckon this hairstyle must have gotten its name from the category of people that wore it most (African-Americans). It featured back in the days more pronounced in movies dominated by the aforementioned group of people. Afro works on all face shapes and would be a choice for people with abnormal head shapes because it can keep anything hidden. Drake recently wore an afro for his role in the Anchorman 2 (and it did look nice on him). Like Jheri curl, the afro is bisexual.


5) Pixie cut

Pixie is a short hair for women that could be spiky or just plain. Pixie has featured in many Hollywood movies. Short hair may be a NO NO for women but for pixie, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Therone and other celebrities don’t mind blazing the trail.


6) Feathered hair

This hairstyle dates back to the 80s and could be spotted in virtually every movie of the time worn by a man or woman. In recent times however, it is common with women.

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