6 Tips to Personalize Your Manicure

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Whether you go to a salon or you do your own manicure, there are several ways to make your manicure stand out.  With a few low-cost adornments plus some items that you already have in your home, you can customize your nails to suit your own style and creative energies.

There are various nail art ideas that you can try out for different occasions. You can choose simple nail art designs by sketching stripes of various colors on your nails, or opt for complex floral designs. All you have to do is choose a plain design that can easily be drawn on your nails. Below are 6 nail art ideas to make your manicure truly unique.

  1. Emoticons on nails

Apply a light blue basecoat to your nails and leave it for about two minutes to dry. After that, sketch emoticons, for example happy, grinning, smiling, cool, angry, weeping, and the like, on your nails. Create a circle using bright yellow or lemon nail paint, and finally sketch the expressions within the circle.

  1. Textured designs

Texture has to do with the quality of a surface with regard to how they are sensed by touch as well as how they are seen. You can give your nails a unique look by combining 2 nail paints and then spreading the paints on your nails in a random manner.

You can also create a swirl feel by utilizing a toothpick. Materials such as a small blob, brushes or safety pin can also be utilized to give polished nails a textured appearance. It is fascinating and fun to try an unimaginable variety of designs in texturing nails.

  1. Stripe Nails

This design involves applying a basecoat to your nails and then creating some fascinating strips over the basecoat with the aid of a fan brush. It is extremely easy to create this design as it requires very little precision. Your creativity, imagination and your ability to choose good colors are the only things that can limit you here.

  1. Cute Floral Designs

Floral designs can be painted on toes also, and they are very lovely designs for girls. Apply a light pink basecoat on your nails. After that, draw a flower which has five petals as well as a circle within the center. You can utilize just one color to paint the five petals or use various colors. The circle at the center can be painted brown or yellow. If you intend to utilize this idea to create lovely toenail designs, be sure to sketch the flowers a little bigger to give them a distinct look.

  1. Summer on nails

Summer on nails is another fantastic nail art idea. These designs are especially suited for short nails. When considering these designs, think of items that characterize the summer, such as the sun, sunglasses, a smoothie, fruits, caps, and so forth. Practice sketching easy cartoon outlines of these items on the paper. Once you’ve understood how to draw them, you can apply a basecoat of any color you prefer on your nails. Then carefully sketch these designs using a nail art brush.

  1. Musical Nails

To try these extremely cool designs, apply a white basecoat on your nails. After that sketch shapes of quaver, flats, half notes and clefs with the aid of a nail art brush. Be sure to use a black colored nail paint to sketch the musical notes.

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