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Fashion is one of the few things in life that is never completely erased. It only recesses and recycles in a future date. Some fashion trends of the 70s and 80s showed up in 2015 ranging from hairstyle, dressing, makeup and so on. One striking thing about fashion is that when they make a comeback, they do some with a touch of glamour and few modifications. Some of the hairstyles that returned to the spotlight in 2015 are listed below.


1) Afro

This hairstyle was the stunner in the 70s through the 80s. Both men and women flaunted it daringly to the admiration of those who cannot. It rose to become the official hairstyle of most musicians and actors/actresses of that era. Afro returned with some curls added to it, needless to say that it still maintained its sexy draw. Afro is made by blowing the hair. Curling where necessary can be done with the help of a good hair spray.


2) Braid

Braiding could be traced to as far back as the history of the Red Indians. Braid works with every hair texture, likewise, there are different braids to match every face type. Braids can be small in size or big. Braids are made by dividing the hair into portions and each partition is braided separately.


3) Feather hair

This is one hairstyle that has stayed through the 80s without losing its glamour in present times. Feathered hair flows down and covers both ears. It was very popular among men and women back in the days (the hairstyle you will see the martial artist and movie star Cynthia Rothrock wear) but in recent times, it has lost favour in the eyes of more men than women. Feathered hair is grown long on both sides and can extend as far as the shoulders.


4) French braid

French braid is unique because the way it is compactly packed enhances its neatness as well as give it a touch of class. In a french braid, the front to the top of the hair is packed to look like a cap while the back is braided into a single strand which falls up to the back. The braided portion is made to appear as if it was braided into the hair at the top.


5) Mohawk

Mohawk made the first commercial appearance in Hollywood among gang members and street rats. It was the kind of Identity movie directors gave then at that time (a classic example can be found in the blockbuster movie about a robot corporal, Robocop). In 2015 however, Mohawk made a grand comeback not as a hairstyle for lowlifes but as crowns for celebrities; musicians, footballers etc. (Mario Balotelli of Italy flaunted it on the pitch). Mohawk is done by cutting both sides of the hair to leave a middle strip. The middle strip is either blown into spikes allowed to stand.


6) Low cut

Low cut is one hairstyle that has never been on the background among the male folks. The hair here is reduced evenly to a few millimeters such that the skin of the head becomes visible.

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