6 Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Actresses

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

Hollywood actresses also walk around look absolutely flawless, well at least most of the time. Most women dream of looking like these Hollywood starlets, and sometimes it feels completely unattainable. But despite the thought that looking like these actresses is impossible, that’s actually not true. Here are some important beauty secrets that Hollywood uses to keep them looking their best. Take notes!


When you go outside, do you have sunscreen on? Hollywood actresses do! It seems almost silly that a product that everyone has access, can make such a huge difference with your skin. The problem is that most people take the extra minute or so to rub on some sunscreen when they head out the door – rain or shine. Many celebrities are very strict when it comes to applying sunscreen before leaving the house. This protects you from sun damage and wrinkles that can come from UV rays and sun exposure.


What do you include in your skincare routine? If you don’t have chemical peels incorporated into your routine already, then you need to start. A lot of people think that celebrities have naturally perfect skin, but that’s usually not true, and chemical peels are actually a big part of that. Getting chemical peels done regularly will help boost the production of collagen in your skin, which is what keeps it looking youthful, and reduce redness in some cases. It’s definitely an investment, at about $80 a month for a regular peel, but it’s well worth it.


With a busy life, one of the things that inevitably suffers is your sleep. If you’re running around a lot, and working long nights, getting enough rest can seem totally out of reach. But if you want your skin to be on par with Hollywood, then getting enough sleep at night is crucial. So many Hollywood starlets swear by getting enough rest, as one of the biggest parts of their beauty routine. Do everything you can to make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night!


If you are completely committed to invest in your skin, like most celebrities, there are more involved ways that you can care for your skin. One of these ways is by undergoing laser skin rejuvenation. There are so many Hollywood stars that have come out to swear by this procedure in order to reverse sun damage and prevent or work on wrinkles. It can be pricey, and does require you to see a dermatologist or skin specialist to book the procedure, but it even has the ability to help fade scars and boost your complexion big time.

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