5 Tips On How to sell your Nail Art Hobby to Earn Cash

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

Having talent for something is one thing and knowing how to really make money off that thing is another matter altogether. With modernization and technological advancements going on in the world, marketing your talent has become a lot less difficult, given the opportunities our environment offers. There are a lot of ways one can sell his or her nail art hobby and make a fortune from it

  • Writing about it

Writing on its own is some people’s hobby too and I know not everyone likes to write and not everyone also can write for that matter. But writing about nail art is one of the many ways to make money off it. I am sure when conversing with friends about things pertaining to nail art, the artist always has a lot to say, well there are millions of people out there who are also willing to hear what you know and those things you want to share. You can write electronic books on nail art and sell on the internet. A good example is the sales of e-books on Amazon Kindle and as long as you are a registered member of the site and your books are there on the site too, they would continue selling. The more books you have on Amazon Kindle, the more money you make.

  • Teaching

You could also be a maestro and have apprentices who you would teach your skills and in turns make money from their sign up fees. In this sort of skills that sells, one could have more apprentice than she could handle and that is obviously a good thing because the more apprentices you have the more money you make

  • Practice

Someone who is looking to sell her nail art skills and services could open a special nail design lounge and do only nail designs, not the conventional manicure, just specialized saloon for nail art. This has been done before and people are still doing it. A good example is the 23 year old Kristine Sorensen who put her passion into practice and has turned it into a livelihood, a well paying one at that, which seem to be taking her places and bringing a lot of people to her too.

  • Blogging

Having and running a blog on nail beauty niche is another means of making a lot of money from your skills and passion. There are thousands of search daily on Google and other search engines on all things nail art and you could benefit from this as consistent traffic to your blog would attract investors (advertisers) who would pay to advertize on your blog, plus you can also use it as a means to advertize other nail art products at your disposal.

  • Draw a catalogue of designs

Another very nice idea is drawing up a catalogue of nail designs and the DIY steps and selling them on e-bay and other marketing websites.

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