5 Things about Manicure Your Boss Wants To Know

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Having a talented manicurist as your own personal go-to guy for all your manicuring businesses is a beautiful thing, especially when you have a female as your boss at work. Bosses always take a keen interest in their workers especially if it’s a female boss to a female worker kind scenario. Stroll in with a killer manicure and she is sure to ask certain questions especially if she is a 21st century female boss. Well it isn’t much of a big deal, it is just another way of saying “your nails are beautiful and I would love to know where you had them done”, and that looks like a compliment from your boss.

When you walk in looking beautiful and dashing and flaunting and flashing those freshly done and beautiful nails, the boss lady would love to know a couple of things about your manicure, but it’s cool isn’t it? Sure it is, so feel free to flaunt it. Below are some of the things your boss would like to know about your manicure.

  1. Where did you get those done?

The first thing she would love to know is the name of the salon where you got such beautiful job done on your nails. If you say the name, she would like to know where they are located and all. Congrats, you are would be getting a new buddy at the salon in the person of your boss.


  1. Is their rate reasonable?

She wouldn’t want to look like a penny pincher by being direct about their rate, because if her tone shows concern, she might be left looking like one. Asking if their rate is reasonable on its own is a reasonable question, she wouldn’t want to be ambushed by ridiculous price when it’s all done.


  1. How do they treat their customers?

Your boss would like to know if it’s a friendly and hygienic environment, well anybody would want to know this too, especially about a place you about to visit for the first time. She would want to know what to expect and if she would even go at all, so questions like this is expected from her.


  • How many manicurists are there?

Anybody going to a nail salon for the first time would want to know if there is more than one manicurist, this is to make sure they won’t have to wait forever for it to get to their turn. Although it might be difficult to get the same exact quality of service when there’s more than one technician, but a standard had already been set and it’s unlikely that the difference in quality of output from all the technicians would be so different.


  • Do they disinfect their tools and implements?

I would have asked this too, because I would like to think am not at risk of contracting any infection at my nail salon so I would like know if they disinfect their tools too. Your boss would like to know and you should be happy to let her know.

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