5 Reasons why We Love Manicure (And You Should, Too!)

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Some people get a manicure once every two weeks or once a month and some get it as an occasional treat. No matter the frequency, manicures provide more than merely a layer of polish over your nails. Apart from a properly-groomed look, manicures offer several other benefits such as good health and stress reduction. Here are 5 top reasons why you should love manicure.

  1. Manicures encourages good health

Getting a manicure regularly can help promote good health and ward off a wide variety of ailments. The condition of your nails says a lot about your health, and healthcare professionals usually examine your nails for signs of any disorders or ailments within your body.

Since manicures include massage and exfoliation, it allows for a regular closer inspection of hands. This aids to detect any nail or skin disorders at the earliest stages. Nails are vulnerable to fungal infections because they are regularly exposed to dampness. Therefore, manicures are a must to detect or prevent problems like fungal infections.

  1. Manicures help you de-stress

Finding time to unwind is essential in today’s hectic and fast paced world. Getting a manicure is a fantastic way to relax. Visiting a spa or nail salon provides a surrounding that is exclusively dedicated to serenity, and that alone has healing effects on your mind.

Your hands work very hard and are exposed to a range of harsh products often several times in one day. Having your nails polished and buffed boosts your physical confidence, also getting your muscles and skin massaged enhances blood circulation and helps reduce pains and aches. All these help to give you a softer skin as well as a feeling of reinvigoration.

  1. A manicure is a fashion accessory

When getting ready for a special event, do not forget your nails as well. Like a pair of vibrantly colored shoes or a scarf to add spice to your outfit, nail polish functions as an accessory. Colored nails attract attention to the hands and functions as an adornment to draw attention to your outfit. Select a shade that will harmonize with the colors of your clothing.

  1. Give your hands a treat with a manicure

Just like your skin, your nails and hands need to be pampered as well. Looking good will also make you feel good as well as boost your confidence. Your hands are constantly exposed, thus it is important that you take good care of it. Cleaning, trimming, shaping, polishing and buffing should not be regarded as luxury. Instead, you should regard these practices as routine pampering.

  1. Maintain your hands and fingernails

Manicure is not only about applying nail polish to your nails. The manicure treatment also shapes your cuticles, trims nails, gets rid of any fungal growth which may have accumulated at the sides of your nails, and checks for hangnails. Manicure products such as moisturizers, cuticle oils and herbal pastes exfoliate and hydrate the skin around your nails and hands, and remove dead cells. This treatment allows for the growth and regeneration of new skin cells.

If you still have doubts regarding the benefits of manicure, why not schedule a visit to a manicurist now. There’s no doubt it will only be the first of several manicures, because you will discover all the beauty and health benefits.

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