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Ever wondered why you would see a lady with a stunning hairstyle, too gorgeous you immediately opt for one but, unfortunately, you stare into the mirror and see what looks like a clown? Probably it is because your face shape differs from hers. Face shape plays an important role in determining what hairstyle would fit your look. Therefore, before we begin to talk about the various hairstyles, it is only wise that we discuss the various face types.


How to know your face shape


There are about six different face shapes. You can determine yours by going to the mirror and pulling your hair backwards––away from your face. Check the widest part of your face; your forehead, jawline or are your cheekbones so prominent that they poke at your skin?


  • Square: this is most common among males. The chin is square with forehead and jawline of approximately the same width.
  • Oblong: the face is long with a pointy chin. Often hard to tell the difference of oblong from an oval face.
  • Oval: the forehead is a bit wider than the chin
  • Round: the length and width of the face are nearly equal with plump cheeks
  • Heart: forehead and cheekbone are nearly same in width but the jaw tapers
  • Diamond: forehead and jawline are narrow with cheekbone appearing to be the widest part of the face.


Weddings are very important dates in the lives of couples––maybe second after birthday for some. Face shape is not a good excuse as not looking pretty. Here are some hairstyles you can try out:


  • Well groomed natural hair.

For someone with long natural hair (that extends to the shoulder). Ironing and oiling definitely will definitely add some shine. Adding a little wave or use of volumizing products for extra texture––going natural is optional by the way.


  • Long half-ponytail

This is not totally a ponytail or a half-up do kind of hairdo. It is a style that looks gorgeous with long hairs. The hair is curled or spun into loose or tight braid-looking strand and part of it is pinned to the back of the head.


  • Weave-on

There are good numbers of weave-on sold in the market. Care should take not to purchase a dreadlock looking weave-on. I am yet to see a bride flaunting a dreadlock down the aisle. A good hairstylist should be able to fix a weave-on seamlessly into the hair.


4) Garlands:


The hair can be packed neatly and decorated with garlands. Leaf crown can be worn along any hairstyle––long or short––to give you a royal touch. One good thing about leaf crown is that it can be customized to your taste.


5) Bun

This looks just great and is simple to do. The hair is pulled into a knot at the back or top of the head. It can be decorated with gold crown or leaf crown with a couple of red and white rose flowers.

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