5 Nail Care Secrets Revealed

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When you go to the salon, you’re probably spending quite a bit for the nail care of your toes and hands. While manicures and pedicures are luxuries you don’t necessarily have to give up, the big nail salon business is full of secrets they don’t want customers to know about, in order to keep them coming back regularly for service. Here are some inside nail care secrets you need to know, before you step into a nail salon for your next service.


Going to a salon always puts you at risk of infection. Researchers have found that so many go to a nail salon, and walk out with all different kinds of infections, including fungal and bacterial infections. And don’t think that going to an upscale salon will spare you – no matter where you go – you’re going to risk getting an infection. A big part of the problem is that a lot of nail salons are not doing their daily cleaning and disinfecting properly. Or the salons are trying to cut corners by using subpar products for cleaning their tools. Asking a nail professional to disinfect their tools in front of you is one way to avoid infection.


Because of the nature of the nail care business, most salons will take as many paying customers as they can possibly get. That includes people who have infections, fungus on their feet or illness. Nail salons will take these paying customers regardless of if they have an infection or illness, and that is putting you in close contact with these individuals. Being close to those with an infection is the quickest way to catch one your self. If you see someone that looks ill, leave or asked to be moved further away from them.


And what you see is not always what you get. If a nail salon says they use only premium products or nail polish, beware. Some nail salons will actually take expensive bottles of product and swap it for the cheaper substitute products, using the same bottle, to give the appearance of using more expensive ones. Also, it’s true that some nail salons will actually dilute nail polish, especially to lengthen the life of the nail polish, even when it should have been thrown away. The nail care stylists will sometimes put nail polish remove in the bottles to remove clumps or air bubbles, which dilutes the polish that goes on your fingers.


One other deceitful nail salon secret to be aware of are unexpected upcharges. Many salons will try to pressure you for in the moment extras on to your original service, as a way to jack up the price. And in a lot of cases, this isn’t properly communicated until your service is complete, and you notice you have a much bigger bill than you budgeted for. Make sure that you ask for the full price of a service – and what it includes – up front.

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