5 Nail Arts you can create with Toothpick

Image: © tamara83 / Fotolia

You can make the following nail art by all by yourself, using just the toothpick

  • Leopard Skin

To achieve this, you would need multiple colors at your disposal, and base coat is to be applied before any polish.

  • Apply two coats of white polish on your nails,
  • Make a few bigger end dots on your nails, leaving enough space between each, dot several times in a row to make the prints big enough if you need to.
  • Now use black polish to outline the red dots by making some brackets and some C shapes around the red dots, don’t worry if some areas appear blank, they would still be filled,
  • Make black patches at those places you find empty space, great now you got a leopard color on your nails
  • apply topcoat afterwards


  • Splatter Design
  • Apply any coat color of your choice, example is light blue.
  • Choose another color that is in contrast with the coat color, dip the toothpick in it and draw a splatter in a doting motion at one end of your nails, draw few dots around the splatter to represent drops.
  • Then make another splatter on the opposing side of the nail with a different color too, after drawing, allow to dry and then
  • Apply a top coat.


  • Flower Design
  • Start by applying two coats of white polish,
  • Then make a few large dots all over the nails with a contrasting color and make sure you leave enough space between them for leaves, they don’t need to be of perfect shape and sizes as we can find flowers of different sizes
  • draw smaller dots on inside the first dots with a contrasting colors, preferably white, motion the toothpick gently so the two colors can mix together in a spiral shape, then take a green polish and draw two oval patches next to each flower, one on each side, add a hint of light pink to each flower to make the flower look more real
  • Highlight the flowers with a slightly different shade of green, a little darker one preferably
  • Apply topcoat.


  • Goodly Eyes
  • Start off with any darker nail polish
  • Draw pairs of white dots with the toothpick,
  • Now make smaller black dots inside the white ones.
  • Apply topcoat.


  • Gradient Dots Design
  • Apply coats of white polish,
  • Use two colors of polish for the dots, start making larger dots on the tip of the nails, dots must be smaller and smaller as you move up the nails, make sure the dots are more concentrated on the tip and less concentrated towards the top of the nail, this would create a nice gradient effect.
  • Switch the nail polish colors and dot it on the blank areas, still making larger and more concentrated dots on the tip, leave the end part blank if you want.
  • Apply topcoat

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