5 Minutes left for a Business Meeting? How to Makeup and look flawless

Image: © yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

Do you ever have one of those days where everything is absolutely hectic, and you walk out the door without time to put your makeup on? Everyone has those days at some point, but when you’re on your way to a business meeting, have a fresh face with makeup is a must. So here are some tips you should take to heart when you’re running to the office bathroom with only five minutes to slap some makeup on.


Having your eyebrows done is actually one of the best ways to look polished and professional, but it can definitely be time consuming. To do your brows quickly, take a brow pencil and just fill in the areas that are very sparse and then apply some tinted brow gel.


If your face is dull and lifeless, then you need to find a quick way to add a pop of color. Adding all of the different steps with eye shadow, blush and lip color – all with different products – is not something you have time for. Having an all over color stick is going to be a lifesaver in moments like these. It tends to be a creamy product that spreads easily. So in a pinch, put it on your eyes, lips and cheeks and save time using only one product that will have you looking great.


Of all of the makeup products you have in your bag, one that makes the most difference is your mascara, but it can be a hassle time wise. If you want to have the polished eyes that look awake and alert, without all of the hassles that comes with a wiggle, applying multiple coats and dealing with clumps, then keep an eyelash curler handy. It will define and heighten the appearance of your lashes, so it has a similar look as mascara, but without having to spend time with the extra steps and waiting for mascara to dry.


Do you have dark spots or blemishes that you need to cover as part of your last minute business meeting makeup routine? Then you need to get that flawless face – fast. Using a stick concealer is actually one of the best ways to quickly get that clear skin you’re looking for. All you need to do is put it on your dark circles and blend, and then pat on red areas, blemishes, scars or other marks you’re trying to cover. Just make sure that you’re blending it in fully!


Running out of time and you still want some lip product before stepping into the boardroom? Then you really need a lip product that will multi task. There are so many products that get used for lips, but in a case like this, opt for a lip gloss crayon that will add moisture. Just follow the shape of your lips and you can even do it when you’re running down the hall without a mirror.

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