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A perfect make-up is all a bride needs for the huge amount of camera clicking that accompany a wedding ceremony. Picking the right look can be a difficult task coupled with unending ideas from well-meaning people: family and friends alike. However, the key to perfect lies in trying out a variety of them, and picking the one that is not only natural but most importantly one that you are most comfortable to wear. No matter how perfect a makeup is, if you are not comfortable wearing it, the purpose will be defeated (which is to put a smile on that face). Some of the makeup ideas you can try out for the memorable walk down the aisle includes;


1) Dripping Red Lips

When the lips have a wet glow from afar, they are hard to resist. Every man would subliminally wish to bury his lips in them. The good thing is that getting dripping red lips is nothing technical. All it needs is the right red lipstick from a good manufacturer and a moisturizing gloss. The application should be concentrated at the middle of the lips to give it a deep shade.


2) Long Lashes

If you have small eyes, it is good to highlight them a little (no part of your face deserves to be hidden). Long lashes can make a whole lot of difference. However, for a special occasion like a wedding, you wouldn’t want to give the impression of a fashion show. Keep it black, keep it dark. This is not advisable if you are on the other side of eye size (don’t blow things out of proportion).


3) Manicure

Getting your manicure done is very important because many of your guests would want to shake and kiss your hand. A chipped or dirty nail is a turn off to many people and you wouldn’t want to be in the news for the odd reasons. Get out your manicure set. Trim your nails and shape them up with a file. Bloat out the old polish. Apply a base coat and allow to dry. Follow up with the first coat and the second coat. Choosing a white nail polish will make your nails blend-in with your gown which is a lot better.


4) Right Blushes

The right blushes on the cheeks is both sexy and classy (especially if you have diamond, oval or oblong face) while the wrong choice will leave you chaffed. Darker skin tone should go for lighter colored blushes while very light skin tones will do better with darker blushes. The dark blush on the dark skin will make them unnoticeable (literally make them vanish) while a light blush on a light skin will be Barbie-like.


5) Hairstyle

A perfect make-up with a shabby looking hair is as good as time wasted. There are a whole lot of styles to choose from; French braid, half way up, side ponytail, wigs and weave-on. Whichever style appeals to you, it is good to consider your face shape to see if the desired style would be in tune with it. Knowing the texture of your hair and how it plays out on hairstyle is also very important.

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