5 Hairstyles when you are walking on beach

Image: © dina777 / Fotolia

Whether it’s the beginning of summer, or you’re already fantasizing about and planning your next beach getaway, you need to be prepared to look your best. Selecting the right bathing suit, beach cover up and sunglasses are only part of the equation – you need to start thinking about your beach time hairstyle. When you’re at the beach, the whole point is to be relaxed and have fun, and this should be reflected in your hairstyle. Especially if you’re going to be on a beach getaway for an extended period of time, you need to have a few beach hairstyles in your arsenal to keep your look fresh. Here are some ideas on what to do with your hair when you’re walking along the beach.


Depending on your age and preferences, not every hairstyle will be a winner for you. One hairstyle that’s catered to the young – or at least the young at heart – are beach pigtails. Yes, they don’t necessarily scream grown up, but they’re simple and fun. They also have the added bonus of keeping your hair in place, even when there are some serious beach winds or breeze. If you want to try this style, let your hair’s natural texture come out, people with wavy hair look great with this, and simply tie your hair down on each side of your head, add some beach texture spray, and head out the door. Definitely a look that screams ‘cute’.


Another option if you want a timeless beach hairstyle, is to throw a flower in your hair, and there are so many options with this. You can opt for fresh or fake flowers, depending on your preference, although fake flowers tend to come with an attachment, so you can easily add it to your hair. There are so many different types of flowers and different colors to choose from. Try to select some that complement the scenery of the beach you’re visiting, your beach ensemble, and your skin tone. To fasten the flower, clip or slide it in on the side of your head, near your eye, for a classic look.


If you’re the kind of person that likes having your hair out of the way, then one beach hairstyle option you have is to keep it under a wrap. There are plenty of beautiful hair wraps out there, in various fabrics and patterns. Especially if you have hair that you’ve style with heat, or you have hair extensions, wearing a hair wrap on the beach will help to protect them from the elements. Just make sure that you’ve placed it on your head securely, so it doesn’t fly away while you’re out on the beach having fun.


Two other options are a little more involved. You can secure your hair in a low chignon bun, which is a way to really up the class factor on your beach hairstyle. Or you can take some strands from your hair and braid them, for a bohemian and relaxed beach look.

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