5 Hairstyle Trends of 2015

Image: © Amir Kaljikovic / Fotolia

There are plenty of choices when you want to discuss hairstyles which were popular in 2015, and the year isn’t even over yet.  From the hottest celebrity trends of the season to the most recent runway ‘dos, all the different styling options are truly mind boggling.  They cover the spectrum of contemporary looks from long hair, curly hair, short cut, medium length, to ponytails and even summer hairstyles.  So what are some of the hairstyle trends of 2015, we’ll talk about them below:

1. Short Ombre Hairstyles
Looking for a fun new haircut?  Get one of the short ombre hairstyles.  For a long time now this color styling has made the top of many lists and been chosen by tons of people, including the stars of Hollywood.  Actresses such as Rihanna, Kim Kardhasian and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the stars who have selected this style as their very own.
As one of the most popular color trends for years, ombre provides plenty of ways for you to personalize your look.  The reason so many people think this style is just fantastic is because it’s low-maintenance, and very attractive and remains so even as the hair length increases.  It’s also great for thick or thin hair giving it a fresh look.


2. The Chop
There is a wonderful variety of choppy hairstyles that you can pick from to find the one that perfectly fits your personality.  You have a hair crown at the top and the length is a short choppy cut.  This style will go with most face shapes, round, oval, long to heart shaped.
This low maintenance cut is great for straight hair.  Just add bangs or fringes and the end result is amazing.  It increases the volume of your hair too, making thinner hair look fuller and more alive.


3. Medium Length and Curly
This hairstyle is very well liked, most especially by women who are blessed with natural curls.  A medium length hairstyle will accentuate the natural texture of your hair.  There’s the romantic curly look ideal for an evening out with that boyfriend who’s rapidly becoming more, or even a romantic weekend getaway.  The curls have a nice soft look that will make your significant other want to caress them all the time.


4. Sassy Bob
This is an exciting cut with a modern twist.  In just a short while it transforms your hair, giving it more dimension and a touch of drama.  Plus it makes it easy to go from a casual day to a more formal night.  It is ideal for people with oblong or square faces, because this particular cut softens the hard angles.  This style works well for thick to fine hair.


5. Tousled Shag
Trouble with loose curls?  Well you can add a sexy finish with a fantastic A line bob.  This style is ideal if you want those around you to look twice, a real head turner.  This bob helps tame loose curls and is also called a tousled shag bob.  It suits most face types.


These fantastic hairstyles give women the flexibility to look wonderful, regardless of what type of hair they have.  So if your choice of hairstyle is starting to seem repetitious, or perhaps you’re just in the mood for something new, the above hairstyles will give you just the added sparkle you’re looking for.

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