5 Easy Hairstyles Which Can Be Done In Less Than 30 Seconds

Image: © domnitchnastia / Fotolia

Guess what?  From this moment on you no longer have to worry about having a bad hair day.  Why?  Because you are going to learn about some simple hairstyles that take hardly any time at all and can vastly improve hair that just seems uncontrollable.  These hairstyles are attractive, easy to create and will help to save you time and aggravation.  Here’s a list of five easy hairstyles for you to choose from on those days when your hair seems to have a mind of its own:


1. Side Braid

It seems that the braid has made a comeback.  But this isn’t your grade school braid.  Not by a long shot!  This braid is decidedly for grown-ups.  All you have to do is take a good-sized dollop of mousse and work it through dry hair with your hands.  Once you’ve finished doing that, use your fingers to give your hair that slightly messy, tousled look.  Then collect the strands under one ear, braid, and secure with an elastic band.  Your hair will be left feeling soft and looking casual yet trendy.

2. Triple Knots

Don’t worry.  The appearance of being elaborately difficult is only an illusion.  This hairstyle is very simple to create.  All you need to do is comb your hair back and divide it into three sections, then make three low ponytails right at the hairline where it meets the neck.  Take each ponytail and twist and wrap the hair around the base, turning all three into small buns.  Use a few well placed hairpins to secure the hair and a little hair spray. The three small rosettes you now have at the nape of your neck give off an elegance that belies the time it took to create this hairstyle.


3. High Bun

Just take a texturizing spray, and spray it evenly over dry hair, using your free hand to squeeze sections together to create body.  Then collect the hair into a high ponytails that will sit at the top of your head.  Secure with an elastic band and keep the short strands found in back up using hairpins.  Last but not least, lightly tousle the ends, and then pin them around the base of the ponytail.  All done!


4. Modern Ponytail

You might that the ponytail look is too simple for your needs, but it can be made to look stylish by making a deep side part before you secure the strands of your hair.  You just blow-dry hair keeping it straight with a paddle brush.  Make your side part and secure the hair in an elastic band right at the nape of your neck.


5. Quick Twist

Okay this hairstyle will take a little longer than thirty seconds, but it’s fast and worth the effort.  There’s really nothing like a French twist as it goes perfectly with a casual dress or a formal gown.  Just work a volumizer through hair that has been towel-dried, not blow-dried, then scrape the hair back using your fingers to give it volume.  Next you smooth the hair over to one side and secure it with a few hairpins down the back of your head.  This is also the place where the center of the twist will be.  Flip your hair to the other side so strands of it will cover the line of hairpins.  Roll and tuck the hair ends under, securing with larger U-shaped pins.  Everything should stay in place without any further trouble and you have the perfect hairstyle.

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