4 Vintage Hairstyling Secrets from Old Hollywood Movies

Image: © inarik / Fotolia

Everyone likes looking their best whenever possible, and when it comes to fashion and style, people typically turn to Hollywood for inspiration. Most of the well-known contemporary hairstyles have actually been around for many generations. The soft waves hairstyles are evocative to the renowned Veronica Lake, the legendary bob cut originated from the gorgeous flapper era of the 1920s.

Recreating these classic hairstyles is not that difficult and they can make a superb style statement. Read this article to find out how to create classic Hollywood inspired hairdos at home.

  1. The Finger wave or Marcel Wave

This is an old Hollywood hairstyle for short hair. If you have hair which comes up to your ears, then you can create this hairstyle. First, comb your hair thoroughly and then spritz it using a little quantity of water to dampen it. Next, create a side parting on whichever side of your head you prefer. After that, make a ridge along the length of your hair.

Make the ridge stand out by combing it as well as pushing it upwards. Use a fine comb to do this. Now without taking the comb out, comb your hair in semicircular direction to create some sort of wave. This procedure should be repeated on all portions of your hair until you get to the crown region. Lastly, blow dry the remainder of your hair and you can apply some styling gel to keep the style in place.

  1. Victory Roll from The 1940s

The 1940s was the period when the beauty and fashion industry gained momentum. While the war made things difficult at that time, it was also a period that saw the creation of the sensational housewife. Women who did commonplace and simple tasks would still move around wearing lovely outfits and perfect hairdos such as the victory roll.

To create this hairdo, comb your hair through and make 2 front portions. Grab one of the portions and comb up upwards and then coil it around 2 of your fingers to make a roll. Get a booby pin and use it to pin the newly created roll. After that, apply hairspray. Use this procedure to curl the remainder of your hair.

  1. Farrah Faucet hairstyle of the 1970s

The 1970s was an era when large voluminous hair was extensively famous because of Farrah Faucet’s huge television influence. To make this hairstyle, you will require big barrel curling irons or large rollers.

Curl your hair in an outward direction from your face. Pin the hair once you are through with the curling, and apply hairspray with the pins still in place. Take out the pins and then shake your hair out with the aid of your fingers. This will create large curls.

  1. The Afro

The afro hairstyle was also extremely popular in the 1970s. To make the afro hairstyle, first wash your hair and then use a diffuser to get the shape you want. After that, use Bantu knots to produce the afro texture. Applying hairspray will help to keep the style in place.

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