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Fashion is one subject that will be hard to separate from teens. Teens always want to be on the spotlight and enjoy it when they gain the desired attention. They flaunt new clothes, fancy haircuts and so on. When it comes to manicuring, a lot of them go too far and because manicuring is a skilled art, very many of them get it wrong. The list is not exhaustive (and no list can be) but a number of them are written below.


  • Long nails?

Long nails can be classy in look but just because it worked for Jessica doesn’t mean it will for Jane. Teens in high school should avoid long nails altogether. The downs to it are more than the ups; because teens play a lot, long nails may pose harm to their peers. They may also use it as weapons when feud ensues between them and their friends or foes.


Also, when nails become too long, they limit the things you can do with your hands. Picking up a pen to write may just become too much of a work. For those that are in the school’s volleyball team, it may prevent them from having all those fun they once enjoyed. Teens that are into physical activities risk hitting their nails on hard surfaces resulting in serious injuries––too much impact can cause the nails to pull from their skin. Those that do chores that involve hot water (e.g. scrubbing, washing hair, washing etc.) may be forced to spend more on manicure regularly because hot water makes the paint chip. Teens should just keep their nails short till they grow older.


  • I know it all

Teens easily fall prey to the idea that they know it all probably because they have witnessed the process over and over or they or their mum own a manicure set. There are intricacies that may elude their watchful eyes.

  • Not using a basecoat: basecoat may appear vestigial to the point that some people may ignore them or use a top coat as a substitute. However, a basecoat can extend the lifespan of your manicure by a number of days.
  • Cutting your cuticles: this is one of the jingles in most online blogs and articles. However, cutting the cuticle exposes the person to infection because they create open sores. Instead of cutting the cuticles, use an orange stick to push them back.
  • Another cardinal sin is shaking your paint bottle. It causes air bubbles to be trapped in the paint. This makes your painting rough. It is better to just roll them several times. Making the layer of paint thick is a big NO NO. It will make them hard to dry and attract dust.
  • Filing your nails with hard abrasives and metal files are strongly discouraged. They cause tiny cracks on the nails.


  • Colour of paint

It is best for teens to avoid nail paints during a manicure. If however they must use one, it should be a transparent one or dull brown. A loud colour on the nails doesn’t send a good message as a teen.

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