10 Myths about nail care

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There are lots of myths about nails and nail care and we consider that it is important for you to know the truth and the facts. At least some of the myths that we will present below were considered by you as facts, but in fact they are only myths that are now busted. We hope that you will enjoy the below information and will know more about your nails and nail art.

Are nails alive?

It is pretty simple question. No, they are not alive. It is better to cover them in nail polish in order to keep the natural oils in your nails. The nail polish will protect them and make your nails stronger and healthier.

Do not put your nails in water!

Some may say that it is better to keep the nails in water after the nails have been polished. It is wrong as nail polish dries when the solvents within the formula evaporate. Putting them into the water will only stop the drying process.

Do I need to clip the cuticles?

The cuticles represent the only barrier keeping the germs out of your nail beds. Cuticles are comprised by scar tissues and if they are cut they will grow back thicker than before. Furthermore, by cutting the cuticles you will be exposed to germs, some of them quite dangerous.

Are acrylics and gel dangerous?

Well, it usually depends on the technique of removing and applying of the nail polish. It this is done properly, then there should not be any damages to your nail. This is why it is recommended to choose a nice salon where you know that there are professionals working.

Filing the nails is good?

Take care when you file your nails as there is a possibility to weaken your nails without knowing. Always use the short-short-long motion when filing and be gentle. In addition, you will need to have a steady hand and dry nails, in order to be sure that you will not damage your nails.

Is it OK to use nail oils?

Yes. Most of the nutrients and vitamins reach your nails via the blood stream. It is recommended to eat well and to be hydrated, thus the nails will look good. However, you could use some nail oils that contain Vitamin E and antioxidants that may help to protect the nails from exposure.

Pregnant women have nicer nails

Yes, it is right. Pregnant women do have nicer nails, hair and skin and it is due to the intake of vitamins. However, it is not a good idea to increase too much the intake of vitamins and minerals as it may be harmful for your health.

Are nails made out of gelatin?

False, nails are made of only one substance – keratin – which is made out of processed collagen. Keratin is also present in your hair and it is an important substance in the human body.

Do I need to deposit the nail polish in a special manner?

Well, most probably, you do not need to store your nail polish bottles in a different manner as you might do with any other beauty product. The best advise it is to surely secure and tighten the nail polish bottles and store them in dry places.

Do I have a calcium deficiency if I get white lines on my nails?

The white lines usually mean that you have had mild injuries to your nails. These lines are not indicators of your calcium levels and they are really common.

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