10 Manicure mistakes that you should never make

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

When you want to save some money, or you simply don’t have the desire or budget to go to a nail salon for a manicure there is the option to do it at home. A lot of people are frustrated when it comes to giving themselves a manicure, but the reason for that is that they’re making mistakes that could be solved easily. Here are 10 manicure mistakes you’re making and how to stop them.
Putting on nail polish on and hopping in the shower. If you’ve just painted your nails, the paint needs a while to fully dry and set. If you’re hopping in the shower right after a manicure, then chances are you haven’t given it enough time to dry. And hot showers with really hot water are worse after a manicure than cold showers. This is because the combination of steam and heat will cause the polish on your nails to smudge or even bubble.


And don’t make the decision to paint your nails right before going to bed either. Even though your nails may look dry within a half hour, they’re not really set and dry for a full 24 hours!


Think you can get away with just slapping on a coat of polish and calling it a day? Not so fast! You really need to use a topcoat in order to ensure that your nail polish is fully protected. It also increases the life of your manicure.


And just like skipping a topcoat, you can’t skip the basecoat either. It’s really important to put it on before your polish because it makes sure that your polish goes on smoothly, prevents nail staining and also gives your nails a good base to grip the polish.


You need to use a light hand when applying colors. It may be enticing to paint on a glob of color to make it faster and easier, but this actually makes it take longer to dry, and makes it far more likely to smudge or get damaged quickly.


Want to apply your polish with the ‘correct’ technique? Then you need to be doing it with three to four strokes, not just one. One stroke won’t ensure that you get sidewalls and totally coat your nails.
You need to make sure that your hands are totally clean before you put on any polish. If there’s even a hint of oil on your nails, it makes it much easier for the polish to chip and peel off.


Do you have really old nail polish lying around? Get rid of it. Some people think that nail polish lasts forever and that really isn’t true. The solvents in it evaporate over time, and this actually makes it really thick and difficult to put on your nails in many cases.
You’ve got to take care of your cuticles. A lot of people skip this step and it makes a big difference in the look of your manicure. If you’re not committed to keeping your cuticles clipped and clean, it will make your entire manicure look messy.

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