10 Common Misconceptions about Manicure

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Is it true that the white spot on your nails is a sign of nutritional deficiency? Do you actually need to store your nail polish in the refrigerator? There are lots of “facts” out there regarding manicure which you might not realize are misconceptions. Please read on if you want to learn the truth about common myths and misconceptions surrounding manicure.
Myth No. 1: The only way to prolong the life of nail polish is by storing it within the refrigerator.


Fact: Storing your nail polish within the refrigerator for an extended time period will help to make it remain fresh longer. However, you can also keep your nail polish fresh for longer periods of time by tightening the top of the polish and storing it upright within a cool place. Thus, save your refrigerator space for veggies and fruits.


Myth No. 2: The white spots on your nails is a sign of nutritional deficiency


Fact: White spots on nails are not a sign of nutritional deficiency. These spots, which are also referred to as leukonchia, are most likely caused by injuries to the nail bed or allergic reactions.


Myth No. 3: Nail art is meant for only young ladies and guys


Fact: Today, nail fashion/style is acceptable regardless of your age or the industry you work in. However, the trick is finding the appropriate color, design, style, etc. that will suit you best.


Myth No. 4: You have to allow your nails to breathe


Fact: Since nails are composed of dead cells, you technically do not need to allow your nails to breathe. However, the small space between the nail plate and the cuticle does. That is why good manicurists usually leave a margin or space between cuticle and polish.


Myth No. 5: Fast drying top coat does not actually work


Fact: In times past, when the formulas were not as effectual as they are these days, a fast dry top coat did not help much. However, with huge improvements in the components lately, fast dry top coats actually extend nail polish applications as well as provide an additional shine.


Myth No. 6: Ice water will help your manicure dry faster


Fact: Nail polish dries once the solvent in the formula evaporates. Submerging your nails within an ice bath will halt the process. Use some drying drops or cuticle oil to finish your manicure, and wait for five minutes at least before touching anything.


Myth No. 7: You can strengthen your nails by eating gelatin


Fact: There’s no scientific evidence whatsoever that gelatin can influence the development and strength of nails.


Myth No. 8: Pushing back your cuticles will encourage nail growth as well as healthy cuticles


Fact: Most dermatologists and manicurists advice that you neither cut your cuticles nor push them back. Your cuticles helps to protect your nails’ roots as well as the skin surrounding them, thus they should remain in place.


Myth No. 9: You can solve all of your nail issues by getting artificial nails


Fact: Artificial nails, also known as false nails, are not a good option for you. Concealing a nail problem beneath a false nail rather than seeing a nail care specialist will not make the problem disappear. If you are vulnerable to fungal infections or have brittle nails, false nails are a bad option for you.


Myth No. 10: You can avoid nail discoloration by using light-hued nail polish


Fact: Some individuals who use darker-hued polish shades have found that their nails turned yellow as time elapsed. However the same occurs with people who utilize lighter polish shades.

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